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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gold-plated Sports Car Confiscated by Authorities in China

JIANGSU PROVINCE, CHINA – A publicity stunt gone awry. This decked-out in 24-carat gold from bumper-to-bumper luxury car was meant to be the showpiece of a Chinese jeweller’s, but it now faces an uncertain future of being scrapped.

The Infiniti G37 convertible was impounded by policemen on Friday shortly after its owners took it for a spin and parked it outside their store in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.
For all its dazzling looks and powerful torque, the car lacked one bare essential – a registered licence plate.

The machine – costing over US$44,500 (S$56,083) alone without the gold frills – now sits in an impound yard, and according to UK’s Daily Mail, will be crushed in 10 days if its owners do not settle the fine.
Gold-plating the sports coupe was no mean feat, taking five artisans over four months to complete, Reuters said.

From earlier photographs, the G37 was seen displayed inside the store, flanked by beautiful female models. Authorities however didn’t take a shine to its lack of a licence plate when it was put out on the streets.

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