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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mozilla Firefox 6.0 Beta Version Out

The Mozilla Firefox browser users can now test the beta version for Firefox 6.0 as it was launched recently, right after the Firefox 5.0 released on the browswers market. Mozilla is keeping its promise and it launches new versions of the Firefox browser at short time distance.
After the company announced the final version of Firefox 5, the officials announced the users to test also the Firefox 6.0. The new beta Firefox 6.0 comes with the newest technologies and with more interesting options, such as Add-ons Manager with Plug-in check, which gives the users the possibility to see if the plug-in are updated directly from Add-ons Manager. Also, the Panorama Groups option was updated and the same thing happened with the address bar, that highlights better the domain names.

Other functions include simplified settings for the intimacy protecting feature in the web navigation, Windows, match Media API and web support for Web Sockets with API prefixed. Because in this moment Firefox 6.0 beta is only a testing version, the the Firefox team adviced that users should not have it as the default browser yet. The biggest struggle for Mozilla Firefox is to compete with other browsers like Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox seems to be more stable and the supporting multiplatform is a big plus. Even though the Internet Explorer said to be more rapid than Mozilla Firefox, the users said that there is no difference on this chapter. The browser was developed for the first time by the Mozilla Foundation.
They wanted to make a very configurable browser and indeed the independent developers have added a large wide of extensions. The project started in 2002 and at the beginning was just the desire to make an open source browser that is quicker and user friendly and very extendable.
Firefox became Mozilla’s main attention.  The first version was launched in November 2004 and became in a short while one of the most popular open source applications. In time, the project was modified several times in order to assure the users a high stability and security options. This is why the company urges to have more versions in a very short period in order to have a permanent update of their product.

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