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Friday, 8 July 2011

Connect Computers Using Remote Access Software

Windows XP has a built-in facility which to connect to another computer, by invitation.This means you could reside in Australia and at the same time lending a helping hand to a friend in living in far away Brazil. This technology the makes this possible is right on the start menu of your computer .It is really quite easy to set up.

What you will require

1. A broadband or cable internet connection.

2. Install windows XP on both computers
3. An email address or Windows 4. Live messenger.

How to connect the two computers

It is actually very easy to make a connection over the internet between two computers. You can gain control of the other computer and thereby being able to solve problems on it. Follow the steps below to for you to connect the two computers.

1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger and get your friend signed-in as well.

2. From the start menu, choose Help and Support.
3. The Help and Support center should appear on your screen.
4. Click on Invite a Friend to make a connection to your computer with Remote Assistance. You will find this beneath the Ask for Assistance menu.
5. Press Invite someone to help you. A new window will appear.
6. Now you will select your friends name from the Windows Messenger contact list.
7. Then click on invite person.
8. This will make possible for the other computer to find your own.
9. If you want to take control of the other computer you must Take control button. Reciprocally the other person must agree by pressing Ok when notified.

This all you will need to accomplish your task .Do not border to much if the connection is somewhat slow, this dependent on the speed of the internet connection.

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