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Monday, 10 October 2011

Firefox 7 Released, With Reduced Memory Overhead

Few days after the release of Firefox 6, folks in Mozilla have come up with another bigger package- Firefox 7. Its possible to download Firefox 7 for Windows, Andriod, Linux and Mac.

Unlike previous versions, it does not use as much memory as its predecessors. This latest version allows you to open as much tabs as desired as it uses 50% less memory.
Other additions have been made, such as; changes to the JavaScript garbage collector, addition of developer support for Web timing specification including CSS3 Text-Overflow Option. An enhancement has been for graphical performance with hardware acceleration, in addition to increased boost in speed. There has been an improvement in security and stability in comparison to previous versions.

With this additions, Firefox has got a lot to offer to users. So, hurry and get yours now.

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